ARTSCENE c/o Lemoyne Project

Double Or Nothing

Gabioud’s paintings develop a clear, fresh and acidic monochrome pictorial vocabulary.
Revisiting the heritage of major Swiss and American movements, Gabioud reveals clear affinities with Minimalism and geometrical abstraction.

The different interventions on the stretcher, which are subject to a strict chro- matic unity, determine the variation of the colours, according to the inclinations of the canvas and the light sources.

In a tug-of-war with the surface, the artist thus takes the canvases out of their flatness, through evolutions of depth that ensure the work an absolute interaction with its environment.

Gabioud’s works can only be seen in their materiality – sufficiently elaborated to produce these effects in reality. From an obscurantism that is still often provocative, the question of the monochrome is then reformulated in a version that invites a more technical and visual experience, less romanticized, but also more critical: that of a monochromy that contradicts itself.